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Voice BroadCast (Auto Dialer)

Many organizations feel the need Voice Broadcast Auto Dialer to communicate important messages to their customers in the form of a voice message sent to their phone.

The Voice Broadcast auto dialer automatically dials the numbers and starts the pre-recorded message when the phone is answered or when it reaches the voice mail. It can be great for organizing polls, taking opinions, or even arranging for sales by transferring the call when required to a sales person.

Voice broadcast is a method which is widely used by many providers and it can help you give an added benefit to your business customers.


Play personalized messages

  •  Your customers can keep a library of personalized messages and input variable information like dates, numbers or amounts which helps the message sound more human.

Flexible list

  •  The list used for calling is flexible and changes can be made by setting parameters for the people who get the call.

Organize polls

  •  The database will automatically register the details of the poll and share it with your users. It can also be used for collecting opinions from the users regarding a product or service.

Transfer calls to call center

  •  When required, customers will have the option to get the call transferred to a call center agent who can help them further. This is especially viable for sales calls.

Opt out

  •  Customers who would like to opt out can choose to opt out by either talking to a representative or choosing the option from the voice menu.