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IVR Solutions

Our IVR Solutions are built for customers who want to do away with inefficiencies and inculcate better business processes and a higher ROI. With the Computerized telephony voice platform, your customers can allow the end users to complete a lot of tasks themselves without having to talk to live agents.

This saves the time, money and efforts for both parties. It also gives the customer more control which often leads to satisfaction.


Pre-Recorded voice menus

  •  You can choose from some of the pre-recorded voice menus that we have or your customers can upload their own menus.

Automated recording

  •  All calls are automatically recorded so that you know what happened on a call.

Better customer experience

  • It makes customers feel in control which leads to higher satisfaction.

Multiple language support

  • The IVR system can support different language making it easier if your customers are handling a business where multiple languages are used.

Round the clock service

  •  IVRs can be used round the clock which helps businesses cater to a number of time zones without having to increase the number of representatives who answer the call.

Time saving

  •  IVRs can be helpful and they can save a lot of time for people and for businesses. Customers can easily complete their query on the IVR instead of waiting for a live person.

Cost effective

  • With the IVR handling multiple customers at the same time, it is more cost effective.