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Callshop VoIP solutions

Callshop solutions are popular because of their accessible nature and the low pricing when compared to the usual calling rates. They can be set in different locations where customers can come to make a call. While it is primarily used by tourists to make international calls, it can also be used for domestic calls by anyone.

AoneVoice offers callshop solutions which allow users to centrally manage several booths from where customers can make VoIP calls. Our customers benefit from call shops by leveraging multiple termination carriers on a single system.

AoneVoice also ensures that call shop customers have access to analytical and reporting information which can be used by them to strategize their business.


Easy interface

  •  AoneVoice’s callshop interface is designed for ease of use ensuring efficiency of your employees.

Real time call rating

  •  With real time call rating, costing and margin calculations you can maximize the profits of your enterprise.

Comprehensive revenue assurance reports

  • The profitability analysis of your company gets easier with this report.

Prepaid and postpaid support

  • Customers have access to both prepaid and postpaid support for ease of conducting business.

Traffic reports

  •  It helps in assessing routes performance.

Multi-reseller support

  •   Provide you services through multiple resellers by centrally managing the system.

Multi callshop support

  • serve multiple call shops using one system.

Booth lock and unlock

  • this feature allows you to control the use of a booth by your users.

Credit limit

  • If you are operating through resellers then credit limits can be helpful to keep in check the amount of calls that go through a reseller. The same can be applied to a particular booth or a call shop.

Print receipt

  •  For customers who need a receipt, the print receipt functionality makes it easy for them to do so.

Call Disconnection

  •  Everyone will have the ability to disconnect the call at any point in time.